Federal Welfare Programs

Welfare programs give money and services to people who earn little money. These programs are available for everyone, but only people with low incomes get benefits. There are at least 87 programs for people with low incomes. They offer money, food, homes, medical care, and other help. For example: Check out our resources at the … Read more

Kalamazoo County Assistance Programs

Find Assistance Programs in Kalamazoo County Kalamazoo County assistance programs can offer a wide array of help to families in need. Located in the southwestern part of Michigan (about 45 east of Lake Michigan and 45 minutes north of the Indiana border), has a long history, diverse demographics, and a healthy economy. You can find … Read more

Michigan Assistance Programs

State of Michigan Assistance Programs There are numerous financial assistance programs in Michigan designed to help residents during challenging times. From rent assistance, paying bills, free food, and free medical care, local residents can find a variety of resources to help when times are tough. Let’s explore how you can benefit from these programs available … Read more